Saturday, January 28, 2017

Life Begins at Conception and So Does Personhood

Sunday, Jan 15th at Granite Hills Baptist Church, we were blessed by Dr. Randy Guliuzza from the Institute of Creation Research ( Here is a link to an article that backs up one of Dr. Randy's main points - that baby drives its own development within mom (
Dr. Randy made this point to debunk evolutionary theory which relies on iterative incremental changes. If baby drives its own development, how did babies survive prior to evolving this trait? In this article, it is shown that babies drive their own development from conception (from zygote). In arguing in favor of the moral permissibility of abortion, the definition of personhood is a key battleground. When do I become human deserving of human rights and protection under the law? Many from the pro-choice movement would say when I have achieved some milestone of development perhaps in the third trimester of pregnancy. What am i before that? A product of conception or clump of cells. It's much easier for a mom to abort a clump of cells than to admit she is murdering a person, her child. But, as this article shows based on a recent study, baby drives its own development from conception. Baby wants to survive and sends signals both internally and externally to guide its own development regardless of Mom. That sounds an awful lot like my own survival drive today as a 32-year-old human being. This implies that science is catching up to Scripture in which I never was an "it" but always a "he." I encourage you to read this article and prayerfully talk with your friends and coworkers showing them lovingly why we as Christians believe in the sanctity of all life from conception to natural death.

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