Friday, January 16, 2015

Accountability Partners for True Friendship

What does having a true friendship look like?  Or, to ask it another way, how do you know when you have a really solid friendship?  Also, what picture does the Bible paint of true friendship?  These questions led me to some self-analysis and personal Bible study.  The product is a conviction that God intends to bless men and women with true friendships that are based on wanting God's best for each other.

They are the kind of relationships in which each man knows the other well, knows his faults and strengths, his future hopes and past mistakes.  Further, true friends care about what matters to one another.  Ultimately, true friends are just as concerned about each others' spiritual lives as they are their own.  Enter the descriptor "accountability partners."  This term has been used to describe the kind of authentic relationship that the Bible seems to portray as true friendship.  I'm definitely a fan if done right.  Attached below are some thoughts on why and how to have accountability partners and walk the Christian life together with your fellow pilgrims and sojourners.  Enjoy and may God bless you with true Christian friends.

Click HERE for "Accountability Partners"

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