Monday, March 14, 2016

Risen for Real

I went to the theatres a few days ago and saw an interesting movie called Risen.  Here's a link to a preview.

In light of Easter coming up soon it prompted this thought: if Jesus rose from the dead, would it not validate his claim to be God (not in a self-actualized or subjective sense, but in a universal, Creator sense).  Jesus claimed He was God (John 5:18, see below).  Then, He claimed He would rise from the dead (Matthew 16:21), to which even his followers initially were confused.  But after He rose from the dead, His followers came to worship Him as God (John 20:24-29). So, if doubters were changed to believers because of His resurrection, maybe looking into the claims of Easter would impact any doubter today?  If so, then this Easter may God prompt us to talk often and openly about the empty tomb!